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The Most Vape-Friendly Countries in Europe

The Most Vape-Friendly Countries in Europe
Imagine puffing on sweet-smelling clouds, with a cool vaping gadget in hand, all while enjoying nicotine without smoke. Vaping has taken over the world, and many are wondering: which European countries are the friendliest to vapers?
Join us on a tour of Europe's top spots for vapers. We'll uncover places where vaping rules are easy, and communities are buzzing.

The Most Vape-Friendly Countries



In the heart of France, a remarkable transformation is unfolding. In just a few short years, the vaping industry has taken flight like never before, with vape shops sprouting up by the thousands and hundreds more joining the ranks annually. It's a testament to the French passion for e-cigarettes and vaping, a trend that has been warmly embraced.

What sets France apart is its government's open-minded stance on vaping, evident in its progressive vaping laws. In a groundbreaking move, the government funded a study that unequivocally confirmed what many already suspected: a vast majority of French vapers were once devoted smokers.

The charm of France lies in its all-encompassing vape-friendly atmosphere. You'll be delighted to discover that you can vape freely wherever smoking is permitted. And given France's reputation for its fair share of smokers, you'll find that many public spaces extend a warm welcome to vapers, making your experience truly exceptional.



Armed with a wealth of groundbreaking studies, the British government champions vaping as a potent weapon in the battle against smoking addiction, going above and beyond to ensure accessibility for its citizens. In the land of Shakespeare and the Queen, vapers are granted the freedom to indulge their cravings anywhere they can light up a cigarette.

But, there's a twist! While England rolls out the red carpet for vapers, there's a roadblock when it comes to vaping inside moving vehicles. Authorities believe that the thick plumes of e-cigarette vapor might cloud a driver's vision, and if caught, it might just cost you a ticket.

It's a nation where you need not fear judgment for your vaping hobby, where the vaping culture is embraced with open arms. England, truly a vaping paradise!



Germany's relationship with the vaping industry is a fascinating journey into a world where freedom and creativity converge. Unlike many other countries, Germany has opted for a more lenient approach when it comes to regulating vaping. As a result, vapers and vape manufacturers here enjoy a remarkable degree of autonomy, which has contributed to the explosive growth of this hobby.

One of the most refreshing aspects of Germany's stance on vaping is the absence of self-consciousness when indulging in cloud-chasing while taking a leisurely stroll. Wherever smoking is permitted, vaping follows suit. This inclusivity allows vapers to relish their experience without the fear of judgment.

Moreover, Germany boasts an impressive array of vape shops, owing to its relaxed regulations regarding the sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids.



Bulgaria, a prominent Balkan nation, stands as a welcoming destination for vaping enthusiasts. With its forward-thinking approach, the Bulgarian government has created an environment marked by minimal restrictions on the purchase, sale, and usage of vaping products.

Whether you find yourself gazing at the picturesque Black Sea coastline or exploring the vibrant cities of Varna and Sofia, Bulgaria offers a unique vaping experience. Throughout your journey, you'll marvel at the freedom to indulge in public vaping with ease.



Spain offers a vaping environment that closely parallels that of England, thanks to its shared regulatory framework and similar attitudes toward vaping. This harmonious alignment of laws and regulations means that anyone who embarks on a vaping journey in Spain will find the experience to be comfortably familiar.

When you venture into places where smoking is permitted, you'll discover the freedom to indulge in your favorite vape flavors and produce impressive clouds of vapor.

Spain provides a welcoming atmosphere for vapers, where you can seamlessly integrate your vaping preferences into your travel experiences.



Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures, this picturesque country extends its warm embrace to vaping enthusiasts, creating a haven for those who appreciate the art and pleasure of vaping.

Unlike many other countries where customs officers may confiscate your beloved vaping gear, this nation encourages visitors to bring their vaping devices, e-liquids, and accessories without any concerns of interception or hassle at the border. This means that your journey to this breathtaking land can be stress-free from the moment you arrive, with no need to fret about parting ways with your cherished vaping gear.



Portugal, a European gem renowned for its refreshingly relaxed approach to vaping regulations. While a few rules do exist, they stand as a testament to the country's commitment to responsible vaping, offering a stark contrast to the more stringent policies found in other parts of the world.

Vaping enthusiasts will delight in the easy accessibility of vaping products, whether you prefer to shop in brick-and-mortar stores or opt for the convenience of online browsing. The abundance of choices and flavors will satisfy even the most discerning palates, ensuring that your vaping experience in Portugal is nothing short of extraordinary.

Here, vaping is not just a habit; it's a part of the cultural fabric. The Portuguese people have embraced vaping with open arms, fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and positivity towards those who partake in this modern pastime.



Vaping regulations are as relaxed as a sun-drenched afternoon on a pristine Greek island. In fact, you'll find the delightful surprise that vaping is legally permitted indoors in numerous establishments, making Greece a true haven for vapers seeking a laid-back atmosphere.

Navigating the vaping scene in Greece is a breeze, thanks to the profusion of vape shops that dot the landscape. These emporiums of vape delight ensure an uninterrupted flow of vaping products, catering to every taste and preference. Whether you're an aficionado in search of the latest mod or a newcomer eager to explore a world of flavors, Greece has you covered.

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Factors Influencing Vape-Friendliness

The vape-friendliness of a country is influenced by several key factors:

  • Government Regulations: Stringent regulations can make vaping less appealing for enthusiasts.
  • Public Perception and Cultural Attitudes: Social acceptance plays a significant role in a country's vape-friendliness.
  • Availability and Accessibility of Vaping Products: Easy access to vaping supplies can make a country more vape-friendly.
  • Health Concerns and Scientific Evidence: Countries often base their regulations on health concerns and scientific research.

Tips for Vapers Traveling in Europe

  • Research Vaping Laws in Advance: Before traveling, research the vaping laws of your destination.
  • Be Mindful of Local Customs: Respect local customs and attitudes towards vaping.
  • Ensure You Have Enough Supplies: Stock up on vaping products to avoid running out during your trip.
  • Respect No-Vaping Zones: Follow no-vaping laws and restrictions to avoid fines or penalties.
  • Seek Out Vape-Friendly Establishments: Look for vape-friendly cafes, bars, or shops to enjoy your vaping experience.


Navigating the vape-friendly landscape of Europe requires a combination of knowledge, respect for local laws and customs, and preparedness. By staying informed and being considerate of the regulations and attitudes in each country, you can enjoy your vaping hobby while exploring the diverse cultures of Europe.

Remember, responsible vaping enhances your travel experience and leaves a positive impression on both locals and fellow travelers.

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The Most Vape-Friendly Countries in Europe