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Top 5 Best RELX Flavours of 2023

Top 5 Best RELX Flavours of 2023 - PodVapes EU

RELX Infinity pod vaping devices are quickly gaining popularity and recognition mostly due to the innovation and technology that RELX has introduced to the vaping market. Leak proof coils, SmartPace Vibration, smart LED systems, and their leak proof - flavour enhancing Pro Pods are just a few. One should not overlook how good the RELX flavours are, especially in their Infinity Pro Pod line up, when considering top vape e-liquid flavours. We think the top 5 best RELX pod flavours are Garden's Heart, Tangy Purple, Zesty Sparkle, Fresh Red and Golden Slice. A review on the top Infinity Pro Pod flavours will always fluctuate but updating it is a chore much looked forward to.

Top 5 Best RELX Pod Flavours

RELX uses some fancy names for their super delicious e-liquid flavours. Here is a simple breakdown of each flavour.

1.Garden’s Heart - Strawberry

Strawberry lovers get all their hearts’ desire here. Yes, the pun was intended. The mix of tangy strawberries blends nicely with a hint of milkiness and it will remind you of sipping away on your favourite strawberry shake. Somehow they were able to get in the menthol ice while not distracting from the luscious summer strawberry flavour.

2.Tangy Purple - Grape

An all time zinger. These Infinity Pro Grape Pods pack a punch - delivering the promised sourness of grapes along with the richness most other e-liquid manufacturers just haven’t managed to nail down. The menthol added leaves a clean refreshing taste that washes away any lingering sweetness. A great way to ‘cleanse the palate’ while you vape.

3.Zesty Sparkle - Lemon Lime


Imagine vaping a Sprite or 7 Up flavoured e-liquid, with that kick of fresh lemon lime with a cool menthol finish. It’s hard to beat the classic flavour combination of lemon, lime and a hint of mint so RELX did the next best thing - they perfected it!  

4.Fresh Red - Watermelon

RELX fused the juiciness of a real watermelon with the sweetness we all remember of our favourite watermelon candy. RELX’s Infinity Pro Pod Fresh Red pods are the perfect blend of juiciness and watermelon candy sweetness.  Finish it off with a little kiss of ice from the subtle menthol and you have a true e-liquid masterpiece.  

5.Golden Slice - Mango

Golden Slice avoids the over-sweetness that most ordinary Mango flavoured e-juices produce, by using the tartness of green mangoes. Top off the sweet and sour mango deliciousness with a hint of mint and you have an instant all day vape.

RELX Infinity Pro Pods

Before we review just how good the RELX Infinity Pro Pod vape e-juice is, we need to give due regard and talk about just how well designed the Pro Pod is. The RELX Infinity is one of the best closed system pod vapes available on the market.

Infinity pro pods use a minimalistic approach to vaping. RELX Infinity Pro Pods are built with multiple layers to prevent leakage or spit back. They also come sealed in foil to keep the e-liquid fresh and leak free.  They are available in multiple nicotine strengths. The 3% are great and a must try.

Remove the plugs found in the tip of the mouthpiece and base near the connectors. Drop in the Pro Pod into the Infinity vaping device. Wait for that satisfying vibration as the SmartPace Vibration system will let you know when the pod is slotted correctly.  Vape away!


RELX took no shortcuts when it came to matching its award winning Infinity vape device with phenomenal Pro Pod e-liquid flavours. Picking out the Top 5 RELX Pro Pod flavours is always subjective, difficult, yet very much enjoyable.  We look forward to updating this review. As different and varied as RELX pods’ flavours are, there is always restraint and subtleness 

introduced in each. It is what truly separates e-liquid geniuses from the novices.

Top 5 Best RELX Flavours of 2023 - PodVapes EU

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