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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

BO Plus Vape Device: Black

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This is an 18+ age-restricted product.
This is an 18+ age-restricted product.

LAST CHANCE TO GRAB BO VAPING PRODUCTS. ONCE THIS STOCK IS GONE, ITS GONE FOR GOOD. BO users can opt to switch to a different device anytime at PodVapes for FREE. Simply message our support team now to find out how.

The BO Plus, like the BO ONE, is an easy-to-use pod system. The BO Plus excels due to its ease of use and portability and delivers a continuous flavour-filled vape with a deeply satisfying nicotine hit.

The BO Plus comes with a 30cm charging cable so that you can keep vaping even while the device is on charge. It also features an impressive new USB-C connection, which is capable of charging your BO Plus in just 15 minutes!

The 800mAh battery gives you around two days of use from a single charge, so you'll rarely be without it. The BO Plus also features an LED indicator, which lights up to show battery indication while you puff and during charging.

A high-quality leather cover is also included in the BO Plus Device for extra durability and an even classier look.


BO Plus Vape Device Features

  • Soft Touch Feel Bo Plus Device
  • Leather device cover
  • Fast USB-C charging
  • Long-lasting 800mAh battery
  • Device size: 99.8x25.4x12.7 (mm)
  • Indicator Light for Pull Strength & Charge

*BO pods sold separately*



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