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PodVapes Plants Over 8,000 Trees!

PodVapes Plants Over 8,000 Trees! - PodVapes EU

PodVapes is pleased to announce it has donated $8,773USD to OneTreePlanted.org for the first month of its new global partnership. This donation funds the planting of 8,773 trees around the world. 

One Tree Planted is a US-based charity with a mission to help global reforestation efforts. The organization is built on a network of individuals, businesses, and schools who either donate monetarily or volunteer to help plant trees around the world.

PodVapes' first donation to One Tree Planted for the month of May is part of its ongoing partnership to plant one tree for every order PodVapes receives.

As a result, PodVapes has now donated funds to plant 4,314 trees in Australia and 4,459 trees in the United States. 

“PodVapes actively supports a number of clean, green initiatives including One Tree Planted,” said Dominic Ball, Customer Support manager at PodVapes. 

“We’re committed to our long-term partnership with One Tree Planted, and we’re thrilled to get it off to such a great start. We thank all of our customers for their on-going support.” 

PodVapes is built on a culture of improving health through helping people quit smoking and by caring for the planet by reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact.  

“At PodVapes, we’re striving for a smoke-free environment, with less plastic waste and pollution,” Mr Ball said. “We help achieve better health for individuals, for communities and for our planet, and we’re very serious about it.”

“Planting 8,773 trees will make a difference to our planet, and we’re just getting started!”

PodVapes Plants Over 8,000 Trees! - PodVapes EU