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One Million Less French Smokers!

One Million Less French Smokers! - PodVapes EU

A Parisian lifestyle is one of coffee and cigarettes - but tobacco carries a very high price on your health and your pocket. And once you’ve started, the habit is notoriously difficult to kick. 

Addiction and smoking expert Dr Philippe Arvers of SOS Addictions says, “What we do have concrete evidence for is the real and positive role e-cigarettes play in giving up smoking for so many people in France.”

Dr Arvers is also careful to claim that: “We do not have the research on how many young people start with e-cigarettes and then progress to cigarettes.” 

However the most recent figures show that from 2018 to  2017, there were one million fewer smokers in France. This still makes a massive 17 million, but Dr Arvers believes e-cigarettes can play a vital role in substantially reducing the number.   

In terms of vaping, doctors are reluctant to endorse a product when the long term effects have yet to be witnessed. Dr Arvers acknowledges that e-cigarettes are not without risks. However he advocates evaluating e-cigarettes in comparison to smoking tobacco cigarettes. 

Considering one out of two smokers will die from smoking, then the risks of vaping e-cigarettes are minimal. 

At PodVapes, we applaud the findings of health experts like Dr Arvers. We recognize the important role e-cigarettes have in reducing smoking rates in France and globally. 

Tablets, lozenges, patches, and gum just don’t cut it for some people. The great thing about e-cigarettes is that they are very close to cigarettes. 

You can switch and become accustomed to inhaling nicotine vapor instead of nicotine smoke in a few days. After that, many vapers don’t want to smoke. 

Vaping can also be more fun than smoking! There are always different flavors to choose from, and the peace of mind you have from stopping smoking is priceless. 

We believe vaping and pod vaping is the future! PodVape stocks all the most stylish vapes for a Parisian lifestyle. Check out your favorite brands now in the PodVapes online store. 


One Million Less French Smokers! - PodVapes EU

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