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How the EU Protects Vapers

How the EU Protects Vapers

If you’re a vaper, then the number one topic is still the recent outbreak of deaths and vape-related lung illness to hit the US. 

As of December 17, 2019, there were 2,506 hospitalized cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2019, and a total of 54 deaths. 

Understandably, vapers were very concerned, but the cause has now been isolated to the use of THC found in cannabis oil mixed with vitamin E acetate. 

The US has implemented a flavor ban to discourage youth vaping. But what steps are being taken on this side of the pond?

Regardless of an individual country’s laws on the sale and practice of vaping, the EU is covered by the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). EU countries are subject to the strict TPD regulations governing vaping products. 

In 2016, the TPD introduced more product testing rules. That meant most of the industry switched to selling nicotine shots separately with nicotine-free flavored e-juice. 

Nicotine shots are available only in tamper-proof bottles of up to 10ml. Additionally, these are sold in a maximum of 20mg of nicotine per ml as opposed to 59mg in the US. And unlike in the US, THC oil from cannabis is banned.

Furthermore, the TPD limits e-cigarette cartridges to a maximum of 2ml. Extensive testing and high-quality products, along with far stricter regulations, are all reasons that Europe hasn’t seen the illnesses that have affected the US. 

In Europe, governments are beginning to recognize the role vaping can play in reducing smoking numbers. And PodVapes™ is committed to helping Europe stop smoking!

PodVapes™ Europe fully complies with TPD regulations. We stock nicotine e-vape cartridges (pods) from 0.7ml to up to 2ml. All of our products are the highest quality brands and range from 2-5% nicotine. These include:

  • Juul pods contain 0.7mL e-liquid at 2% and 5% nicotine
  • Myle pods contain 0.9mL e-liquid at 2% and 5% nicotine
  • BO pod contains 1.6ml e-liquid at 5% nicotine
  • Phix pods contain 1.5mL e-liquid at 5% nicotine
  • STLTH pods contain 2mL e-liquid at 3.5% and 5% nicotine.
  • KILO pods contain 1.5mL e-liquid at 4.5% nicotine.

Here at PodVapes™, we are determined to help people give up smoking for good. We only want this website to be used by people over the age of 18. Our mission is to help people everywhere become healthier by giving up tobacco smoking. Check out our brands and make sure you only ever by high-quality vaping products. Your health is too important to take risks!

How the EU Protects Vapers
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