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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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How Long Do MYLÉ Pods Last?

How Long Do MYLÉ Pods Last? - PodVapes EU


Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of vaping or are a vape-veteran considering a new device, MYLÉ’s pod vape offers some enticing benefits.  

The MYLÉ (pronounced my-lee) e-cigarette brand is a product of Italian design and ingenuity, and has been a strong player in the  pod vape market since the very beginning.

True to its mission statement, MYLÉ works to push the boundaries of pod vaping, delivering premium hardware to help smokers make the switch to healthier alternatives. More importantly, they aim to maintain the same level of satisfaction produced by traditional cigarettes.

Over the last few years MYLÉ has developed highly portable and discrete devices with an ergonomic build. Their latest V4 device and flavoured nicotine pod range are truly brilliant.

But how long do the new MYLÉ V4 pods actually last and what strategies can you employ to keep them lasting for longer?

How Long Do MYLÉ Pods Last?



With a modest capacity of 0.9ml, each MYLÉ pod offers around 240 puffs. While this is more generous than some competitors, it is certainly not the largest pod on the market. However, the 0.9mL of e-liquid is certainly enough to keep the average user vaping all day.

MYLÉ pods contain a proprietary 5% nicotine salt e-liquid as standard. Their formulation offers both a high concentration of nicotine and a smooth throat hit. With faster absorption into the bloodstream, users benefit from a longer-lasting nicotine hit and potentially less frequent vaping. If you are trying to make the switch from smoking, this is a great option to begin with as it truly gives a cigarette-like hit.

Unlike freebase nicotine formulas, nicotine salts can vapourize at lower temperatures, meaning MYLÉ devices only need a compact 240mAh battery to function optimally. This allows your e-liquid to vapourize quickly when the coil is fired, which is less demanding on your pod and could grant you extended device integrity. The battery takes just 30 minutes to charge from flat to full and will last approximately one day on a full charge. MYLÉ’s new V4 device utilises a much more convenient micro USB charging slot, which is a testament to their continued development.

The signature MYLÉ pods feature leakproof technology that ensures your precious e-liquid does not get wasted. Following rigorous testing, they can confidently assure that users will not have to worry about the mess associated with re-filling pods or the possibility of spoiling clothing.

MYLÉ clearly placed a lot of thought into making their devices user-friendly. You will notice that pods fit easily into the device using a magnetic connection. The devices are also draw-activated, meaning there is no need to mess around with any settings or buttons. This makes the MYLÉ pod perfect for new users seeking ultimate simplicity.

The Impact of Vaping Habits on Your Pod

Though the specifications of your pod do play a significant role in its longevity, individual vaping habits also play a part.

Vaping frequency

There's a clear correlation between the amount vaped in a day and the lifespan of a pod. Needless to say, the more you vape, the quicker you will go through your pod. If you find yourself needing to vape frequently, especially in quick succession, you may need to change up the nicotine strength of the pod.

Finding the Right Nicotine Strength

Finding the ideal nicotine concentration will not only enhance your vaping experience, but could mean that you need fewer draws to achieve a satisfying nicotine ‘hit’. As you vape less, the life of your MYLÉ pod will increase.



MYLÉ also caters to those on the opposite end of the spectrum, who want to go down the nicotine ladder. They offer a step-down program of varying nicotine strengths to help those looking to wean themselves off the addictive substance.

Storing MYLÉ Pods Safely

As with most close pod systems, MYLÉ advises that users keep their e-liquids in a cool, dry environment. It’s best to keep your e-liquid out of direct sunlight as the UV rays can disrupt the molecular build of the nicotine. If your e-liquid has been ruined due to improper storage, it will produce a distinct sour smell and will need to be replaced.

MYLÉ also advises users to store their device fully charged, with the pods detached.

Avoid Tampering with Your Pods

MYLÉ pods are not designed to be refilled. Modifications can disturb the internal vacuum of the pod, leading to unwanted leakages and so users are urged to always purchase pre filled replacement pods for their devices.

The MYLÉ V4 Starter Kit

The MYLÉ V4 Starter Kit has made it easier than ever to get started on your journey towards healthier habits. It includes:


  • 1 x rechargeable V4 device featuring a 240mAh battery
  • 1 x micro USB cable
  • 4 x V4 MYLÉ pods in a variety of flavours: Iced Watermelon, Iced Apple Mango, Iced Quad Berry & Tropical Fruit Mix
  • 1 x user manual
  • One-year replacement device warranty


Durable MYLÉ Pods

By assessing average user trends, MYLÉ has estimated that 4 of their long-lasting e-liquid pods can provide up to a week of vaping for the average user. All things considered, if you’re looking for a top quality, closed system pod vaping device at affordable prices, MYLÉ may just be the pod vape for you.

How Long Do MYLÉ Pods Last? - PodVapes EU